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Difficult to use

I found the app to be really hard to navigate and use. It took me forever to figure out how add a personal recipe. Also, I am in Brazil and a lot of the ingredients I use come from here, but the app only lists a handful of countries as if the rest of the world did not exist!

Excellent customer service!! :)

I down loaded this the other day for my Macbook. I have the app on my phone and its super easy to use. as far as finding good apps like this for Mac its hard to beat for the price. the other apps i was looking at were confusing, I like the simplicity of this app, dont let that fool you though. This is more than just a simple app. I was having a few minor issues with the app and a quick email to their tech support the same day i down loaded it i had a response. after a screen sharing with Joe i was able to show him the issues i was having in order for him to fix. Not all apps i have purchased are willing to work with their customers to sort out minor bugs. I highly recoment this app for all home brewers.

A work in progress

This is a great home brew application. Have only had a chance to use the OS X version and want to get the iOS version. There is some work that still needs to be done, but for the price its great and definitely worth buying at the discounted price right now. Something else to keep in mind with it is that if there is something that you think would be a good addition to the application is to send suggestions to the developer. One final thing that Id love to see is for it to be able to control a Brutus 10. I know there would be additional hardware that would need to be developed, but would be wonderful.

Good but needs some Work.

I have been homebrewing for about a year now and have been looking for just such a program. The possibilities of iBrewmaster are exciting, to be able to keep records and organize my operation, but it needs some work.


This needs a lot of work before I will use it regularly. I had tried the iphone and ipad versions and liked them. I hoped this would be a easier to use version of the other apps, it is not. This app should be free until they fix all the bugs. Dont waste your money.

Buggy but I

This app has great aspirations, it just doesnt meet them. The app is buggy and frustrating to work with. The iPad version is much more stable. This should be a free download until it actually functions correctly.


iPad version worked amazingly. Hoped that the Mac version would be the same thing but its much worse. Its extremely giltchy to the point that I havent been able to write my own recipes on this version. Dont buy this until its fixed

Currently buggy but has potential

Based on reviews of the iOS version of the app I picked this up. Did not realize the extent to which the current UI is buggy. My recipes appear and disappear from the UI in ways I cannot predict. Values set on combo boxes and pulldowns are often reset when tabbing out or entering data in text fields. Adding fermetables or other items not in the default data set can take a few open/close cycles on various screens before appearing or being available for use in recipes. Characters that appear in the default data set cannot be used when adding items. Most frustrating: the apostraphe in Muntons will kill an entry. Flipping value denominators (say between lbs and ounces) does not compute the equivalent measure for you. For example, entering 2lbs for a fermentable, then flipping to ounces will not change it to 32. Further, if the field is set to ounces and you set the value as 32, it will be treated as 32lbs, not 32oz. For these sorts of reasons, Im really loathe to go with any of the auto-calculated values or the scaling functions. Also fair warning: it does not play well with exporting BeerXML if that kind of thing is important to you. Until these things are fixed and some degree of track record is established, Id not recommend this app to anyone at this time. I will continue to follow the upgrades and hopefully this app reaches its potential. At that time it will be well worth the $19.99 purchase price. Likes: * Configuring your equipment set is simpler than other apps I have tried. * Interface is native Carbon, not a port * Workflow looks like it will be great once the UI bugs are fixed * Calendar/reminders is great * Staff has been very receptive to email and seems committed to putting out a quality product. Needless to say, I wish theyd done a bit more QA upfront instead of rushing this out the door and scream testing it as the app really isnt all that useful at this time.

Disaster…buggy like crazy

Needs a bunch of work. This is a beta level quality at best. Recipes dont copy to the batch setting correctly; extract is overwritten with all grain and vice versa (near as I can tell). Has too many other issues to list. Nice effort, nice developer, but this is nowhere near ready for retail. Uninstalling and waiting for updates.

Doesnt work

Great effort but crashed consistantly and when I try adding or changing field entries it doesnt stick or just doesnt do anything.


Im having trouble with the batches window. I cant input my gravity readings. The type of grain, style of beer and ibu method all change from my original recipe. I tried changing my preferences and still had the same problems. Would be a great app if I could get it to do what it is advertised to do. Updates didnt fix any of the issues Im having. You should remove this application from the store until it works properly.

dont do it.

wont let me input ANYTHING for personal recipes, has potential. right now, its a waste of money. will change my rating once this has been solved.

Very responsive to bug reports

I agree that the app in its current state is crash friendly but Ive been reporting bugs and theyve been very responsive. When the next version makes it through Apples review process Ill update my review but I expect all of the issues I reported to be fixed.


Dont waste your time and money, does not work on OSX. support will not answer …….

it does its job…. sorta

For the money it should be more reliable….. Would like to see a email recipe option, also a print preview or export to pdf option. Missing a handful of new hops but a lot of the apps out there are as well. Glitches a lot when ever i make adjustments i have to exit out of the app completely and reopen to see the proper calculations. you can get it to do what you want but you have to work around the glitches it gets kinda annoying sometimes.

Feature parity is NOT there (iPad vs. Mac version)

Guys, Dont waste your money on the app just yet. I have the iPad application and love it. It has my inventory, tells me what I dont have and whats in inventory when getting ready to make a batch. The Mac Version seems like it should still be in Beta compared to the iPad version. It only seems like you should be able to use the iPad and Mac version and just import / export the content but NO. MAC ver has many many features missing that the iPad does… Just dont waste 10 bucks if you think you will be able to get them to look similar at all… Sorry guys, make the products where I can use what ever device is in front of me and Ill change it to 5 stars.

This app needs to be completely rebuilt

There are so many glitches with this software, I dont know where to begin. -Like many other reviewers, my app does not adjust calculations until I close and reopen the recipe. -Its missing a great deal of hop varieties, and when I try to add new hops I have to name it and click "done" about five times before it accepts it. Also, a lot of the Alpha/Beta acid calcualtions for hops are in accurate. - Ive emailed the "support" team about some of the issues, and they just deny that there are any glitches like what I describe. -The Notes section displays a lot of strange, wingding like characters when I reopen a recipe. I say spend the extra 20 bucks for the popular software that most homebrewers use. -The Mash Step tool is really strange to use as well, and it doesnt feature a tool that calcualtes strike water temp by taking the dry grain temp and weight into account. -The Batch size/Boil Size calculation is always in correct, I usually shoot for a full half gallon over what the software says and its more accurate. -Sending this info to the developer gets me nowhere, and Ive had it for several months without seeing an update. I do not recommend purchasing this app.

Doesn’t do calculates

This app don’t do anything that brew calculator should do, dont waste your money! the app have the all troubles that others reviewers explain!

Wow. Charging for this is theft. Awful.

Way to release an app that is not only incomplete but barely started. I have used and like iphone version for a couple years but this is painful. Mash auto-calc for temp and volumes are completely blank regardless of what you input. When changing settings for almost any variable thoughout the app, they dont save, they revert to default. No working recipe import feature. Probably the most useless app I have ever downloaded. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS!!! IF IT WERE FREE IT WOULD NOT BE WORTH DOWNLOADING. The fact that you charge for an app in this condition is reason enough for me to buy BeerTools for mac and quit using your iphone app.

Useful as a logbook only.

I have to agree with the other reviewers. All the comments are spot on, and I’ll add that the dates are in european style, meaning day, month, year. That wouldn’t be too awful, but when you sort on date, it’s all messed up. It put the latest batch I did on the top (13/01/2015) but then the 2014 dates were in ascending order, 12/06/2014, 11/07/2014/ 29/07/2014, etc. where the 2015 date should have then been at the bottom, not on top. This app does need a LOT of refinement, tweaks, fixes, and outright revision from very near the bottom up. As one of the other reviewers said, I love my iphone app, but this should “mac version" not have been released.

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